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About the Devens Eco-Efficiency Center

This 501(c)3 entity was established in 2008 to respond to the growing interest in sustainability issues throughout all business sectors. To keep companies informed of best management practices for pollution prevention and enable them to use resources more efficiently, the Center provides:

  • Workshops that raise awareness of strategies to implement more sustainable operational practices.
  • EHS Roundtable, a monthly open forum where professionals with environmental, health and safety responsibilities discuss experiences, trends and best practices and explore ways to collaborate to best protect the health of employees, customers, and ecosystems.
  • Recycling Assistance, including the development, improvement or expansion of a recycling program, from the collection of paper to comprehensive single stream programs to organics. These programs can decrease waste management costs by as much as 50%.
  • The Great Exchange, an award-winning forum that enables businesses and non-profits to repurpose waste streams and unneeded items that have reuse potential. In 2009, approximately 200 tons of materials were diverted from the landfill and participating organizations saved an estimated $75,000 in avoided disposal and purchasing costs.
  • Energy Efficiency Assistance, including outreach materials, employee education, conservation savings analysis, consumption benchmarking, energy efficiency reviews and comprehensive facility audits. These activities can lower annual energy costs by 10-25% and save companies thousands of dollars.
  • Walk-through Review that starts businesses down the road toward sustainability by providing them with a report that highlights opportunities for improved resource efficiencies and savings.
  • Green Business Certification as an EcoStar Achiever to companies that improve performance in 15 pre-defined areas. EcoStar helps members reduce costs, minimize ecological impacts, improve community and customer relations, and gain a unique competitive advantage.
  • Earth Day Celebration that enable businesses and area environmental groups to share information on their initiatives and efforts to protect local resources. This annual event attracts over 100 attendees that come to view 20-25 sustainability and environmental exhibits.
  • Educational Tours to visit sites of interest, such as recycling facilities, renewable energy manufacturers and low-impact development sites.